Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Sunday, September 25, 2005

What we're reading

We have a few read-a-louds going at the moment. In history we are studying the first explorers who discovered the Americas. We covered Saint Brendan the Navigator and moved on to Leif Eriksson. So as a read-a-loud I am reading Leif the Lucky We are also spending some time in The Discovery of the Americas and an Eyewitness Book on Vikings. This in addition to our history textbook. The kids are doing narrations and copy work as well as some sketching and mapping out of routes. This is all kept in their history binders which will, I hope, evolve into a Book of the Centuries. In science Katie and Ryan are using a great text, Behold and See. Last week we covered mass and volume and did a few small experiments. They are learning about the scientific method and how to record their observations. Erin is studying mammals. She asked if she could study bunnies, bears and deer so I am pulling together some books to go more into depth on those animals. Individually the children continue to enjoy reading. Erin is a voracious reader. This week she tackled, Madeline, Ping, A Dick and Jane anthology and several Old Testament stories in our picture Bible. Katie is reading On the Banks of Plum Creek. She is nearly done so look for a narration in the near future. She is also purusing a Junie B. Jones book (I forget which one) and just finished up an American Girl book, Happy Birthday Samantha. Ryan just finished up The Drinking Gourd and I am going to start him on a biography of St. Frances of Assisi this week. Just for fun I am reading Huckleberry Finn aloud to everyone during quiet time. Kelli is currently having a Dr. Suess week. She is loving Green Eggs and Ham and Cat in the Hat. She also loves Alphabears and will pretty much sit through anything else I read aloud. Kevin's interest in trains remains high and I read The Crack in the Track at least ten times a day. He also loves the Dr. Suess books and anything with a car, plane, boat or train in it. He tolerates Curious George but since there are no trains he finds it mostly a waste of time. I am quite hoarse by days end.


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