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Monday, September 12, 2005

Ain't No Party Like a Catholic Party

We went to an awesome Catholic party yesterday. On a day that is now filled with a great deal of sadness for so many Americans we found joy. The picture above was not taken at the party because I left my camera home. I just wanted you to see some friars. "What is she talking about?" asks faithful reader. Well the annual Friar Supplier picnic was yesterday and Charlie and Joan Moran, founders, organizers and general saints on earth hosted about 300 people from the Friar Suppliers at their home. "What the heck are Friar Suppliers?" asks faithful reader. Charlie and Joan started FS four or five years ago when they found the the Fransiscan Friars were spending time trying to provide not only for the needs of the poorest of God's children in New York neighborhoods but also their own needs. Actually their own needs were suffering a great deal. They were hungry. Friars completely trust God to provide for their needs and they do no fundraising. So God provided Charlie and Joan. These dear people asked a few friends to contribute whatever they could spare every month and then Charlie takes whatever is collected and buys food for the Brothers and Sisters. This frees them to accomplish their mission of ministering to the poor, evangilization and pro-life work. Since that time Friar Suppliers have multiplied to where there are about 200 people donating every month to feed seven friaries and two convents. Charlie spends two straight shopping at places like Costco, Restaurant Depot and Pathmark always finding the best deals. He makes a list of all he buys and the Friar Suppliers receive that list every month in our newsletter. The benefits of this group are enormous. The friars have become a second family to those of us involved. Each friar supplier can adopt a friar and pray specifically for that friar. They become dear friends who participate in our lives and pray for our intentions before the Blessed Sacrament on a daily basis. Kevin was baptized by Fr. Angelus Marie who was newly ordained at the time. Kevin was his first baptism and will always be special to Father. Every September Joan and Charlie open their home to all of the Friars, their families and the Friar Suppliers. We eat, talk, play volleyball and all of the Brothers, Fathers and Sisters run around playing with the children. They love children!!! These men and women are such a joy to be around. They own nothing but what they are wearing and yet they are the happiest people I have ever met. Their love of God and their willingness to always do His will is just awe-inspiring. Having all of the children exposed to such joyful vocations on a regular basis is a real privlege. There is a group of novices who have formed a band and they played the music that they shared at WYD in Germany. Ryan played with them for a few sets but the call of the volleyball proved too much and he left them to play with friends. One of the songs they played "Ain't No Party Like A Catholic Party" was great fun and became the theme of the day. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Friar Supplier email me and I'll get you put on the list.


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