Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Winter Days in the Big Woods

A Narration by Erin Winter Days in the Big Woods Pa, Ma Laura, Mary and baby Carrie lived in the Big Woods of Wisconsin. They lived in a little cabin made of logs. They liked it there. They are getting ready for the winter. Ma, Laura and Mary picked vegetables from their garden and put them in the attic. Mary and Laura played in the attic and used the vegetables for baby dolls. Pa went hunting everyday for meat to store for winter. When the work was finished, Ma cut out paper dolls for Mary and Laura to play with. She gave them ribbons and cloth to make clothes. When Pa got home he took out his fiddle and played Yankee Doodle. Sometimes Pa would tell stories. They had fun. It was nice in the little house in the Big Woods.


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