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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Saint Patrick

A Narration by Erin Saint Patrick By Ann Tompert Long, long ago a baby was born and his name was Succat. He was born in Southwest Britain near the Irish Sea. He was known later in life as Patrick. Patrick’s father was a Deacon. Patrick grew up in a nice house. He was not good in school, he did not study. When he was sixteen Patrick was captured by Irish pirates and he was sold into slavery. He was sold to a chieftain and taken to northwest Ireland near the Western Sea which was the ancient name of the Atlantic Ocean. He was made to become a shepherd and watch over the sheep and cattle. He used his free time to say hundreds of prayers. God’s love came to him more and more. After six years Patrick heard a voice in his sleep telling him he would soon go back to his own country. A few nights later the voice told him his ship was ready. So Patrick left to find his ship. He had to travel to the Irish Sea two hundred miles away. Patrick was very brave to start looking for his ship all by himself. The journey was very hard. Patrick traveled at night so his master would not find him. He was hungry all the time. Patrick knew that God was directing so he was not afraid. When he got to the port and found a boat the captain wasn’t going to let him on. Patrick walked away and prayed that the captain would change his mind. The captain called him back and let him sail with them. When they landed in Britain they wandered in the woods for a long time. The captain was afraid they would never find a way out. He asked Patrick to pray to send them food. Patrick told the captain to ask God to send them food. So the captain and his men did that and then they came to a herd of pigs. From then on they had plenty of food. When he finally got home he saw his mom and dad. They asked him to never leave home again. One night Patrick had a dream that he thought meant he was supposed to go to Ireland to convert the people to Christianity. First he traveled to Gaul to become a priest. This took several years. In time he was made a bishop. Then he set sail with a group to Ireland. Patrick baptized and confirmed thousands of Irish people. He preached all over Ireland. It was not easy trying to convert everyone. Patrick enslaved and imprisoned. After fourteen days in jail God delivered Patrick and his group from the jail and returned their things to them.. Patrick stayed in Ireland for thirty years. He was known as the apostle of Ireland and became the patron saint. Patrick died on March 17th in about the year 461. His work lived on and Ireland became Christian. The priests, monks and nuns continued spreading Patrick’s message. They were inspired by him. The End.


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