Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We left this kind of fun in Long Island... ...and arrived in Georgia to enjoy a whole new kind of fun. This photo was taken at Tybee Island, a gorgeous beach community with pristine white sand and blue water. There wonderful shops and restaurants and a pier you can fish and crab from. They even provide sinks on the pier for cleaning and filleting the fish. These folks are serious about their fishing. The day we went to the beach was a balmy 72 degrees with a lovely breeze coming off the ocean. I believe it was about 24 degrees here in New York that day. (hee hee hee) Right there at the beach is the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Pop came to rescue to pay our admittance fees (I left my wallet in the car) and we spent a pleasant half hour in this small center dedicated to preserving the natural marine life at Tybee. There was a "hands on" tank supervised by a very knowledgeable volunteer. She allowed the children to handle Horseshoe Crabs, Hermit Crabs, and a whole bunch of other stuff with which I was unfamiliar. Kevin was fascinated by the crabs The next day was River Street. I love River Street. There along the river is a cobblestone street lined with these beautiful buildings which house shops, restaurants and some of the loveliest people ever. Southerners are utterly charming and mannerly behavior is so much the norm down there. Being from New York this is a bit of culture shock. The kids favorite part of River Street is the candy stores. One of these stores, Savannah's Candy Kitchen is HUGE, occupying three stores. There you can watch candy being made or just browse through the many barrels of candy filling up your bag. There is also a large selection of made-on-the-premises Saltwater Taffy. Yum. I dropped quite a few dollars in there. The girls made a friend on River Street The rest of the week was spent lazing around Nana's house and visiting with family. This was great fun for me and the kids. Our Southern cousins are some of our favorite people ever and the children made promises to write and email their cousins on a regular basis. I was even treated to a wonderful dinner out with two cousins on Saturday night. We had such fun reminiscing and laughing together. I miss them already. The drive back was grueling, the highlights being Cracker Barrel and Cinnabon but we made home safe and sound having done battle with a freakysnow storm in Virginia and many traffic hold ups. It was good to come home. But I am looking forward to going back!


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