Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Story of Saint Alice

A Narration by Erin Once upon a time there lived a princess named Alice. One day when she was just a baby her father the king asked another king to let his son marry Alice when they got older. They signed a paper and had a feast with raspberry ice cream. When Alice was sixteen she became Queen. Alice married Lothair. They were happy. Then Lothair died, maybe his brother poisoned him. Lothair’s brother, Berengarius was not nice and tried to get Alice to marry his son. She did not want to. So Berengarius put Alice in his castle dungeon. There were black bugs that she was afraid of. She was very sad. Alice prayed and God spoke to her. God told her that He would rescue her at just the right moment. God sent a priest to dig a tunnel so she could get out. She escaped and got stuck in the mud in a forest. She cried out to her guardian angel to get her out of this mess. Her guardian angel sent Otto the Emperor of Germany to rescue her. He had come to defeat Berengarius. He won and married Alice. After Otto died Alice became a nun. Alice was very brave.


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