Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


And he was! Surprised that is. On Saturday night I gave Dave a surprise 40th birthday party. I enlisted the help of his two best friends to get him to the party and everything worked perfectly. The party was held at the Bulldog Grille, a local establishment that has had our patronage from time to time. They often have great classic rock bands on Saturday nights. Dave's sister Melissa blew me away. She is a talented graphic artist and the Art Director for a major retail store. I had asked her to make a collage of some pictures donated by myself and my mother-in-law to use as a sign-in board. She outdid herself. She made 7 large posterboards with the pictures blown up. We hung them in chronological order starting with his baby pictures. It was an awesome presentation. It was so cool to see how much Erin and Kevin resemble their dear old dad in his childhood. The next day as he sleepily looked through his gifts and cards we were both overwhelmed by people's generosity and kindness. The notes that people wrote really moved us and made me so proud to be married to this man who is so loved by his friends and family. I am glad I threw the party, he deserves it. His actual birthday is Thursday but here is another early wish for you. Happy birthday love of my life. You make all things wonderful!


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