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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Catholic Homeschool Companion

Back in January I posted about this book that was soon to be published. Well it arrived in my mailbox this week and I just could not put it down. This is a collected of essays written by 43 homeschooling moms and dads that has been compiled and edited by Rachel Mackson and Maureen Wittman. You have to have this book. There is so much wisdom in these pages that it will become your "go to book" for almost every situation that will come up in your homeschool. Go here to see the Table of Contents. You will see that the essays cover everything from how to teach certain subjects to preparing your high schooler for college. How about interview techniques for your high schooler trying to land that first all important job? It's in there. There is an entire section devoted to schooling a special needs learner (my first stop in the book) and the section written by the Dads is unique and invaluable. You don't often hear from the Dads but their participation is essential to a succesful homeschool. There is just tons of great stuff and this book is bound to become a homechool classic. So many of the authors are people whose work and talent I have benfited from and enjoyed. MacBeth Derham, Maureen Wittman, Susie Lloyd, Steve Wood, Cay Gibson, Holly Pierlot, Kim Fry and many more. There is also a great resource section. I know, I'm gushing.... But you really have to have this book. Go here for more information and to buy!


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