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Monday, March 06, 2006

One of the supermoms over at the 4 Real Boards posted this poem for me. I loved it so I had to share. Names for Twins By Alastair Reed Each pair of twins, Rabbits or dogs, Children or frogs, Has to have names That are almost the same (to show that they’re twins) but are different too; so here’s what you do. Find double words, Like Higgledy-Piggledy (good names for pigs) or Shilly and Shally or Dilly and Dally or Knick and Knack. Namby and Pamby are better for poodles; Whing-Ding for swallows; Misty and Moisty and Wishy and Washy especially for fish. Call twin kittens Inky and Pinky or Helter and Skelter, or Pell and Mell. (It’s easy to tell they are twins if their names have a humdrum sound.) Crinkum and Crankum are perfect for squirrels, like Hanky and Panky or Fiddle and Faddle; but Mumbo and Jumbo Are mainly for elephants. (Airy and Fairy would never suit them.) Willy and Nilly will fit most any twins. Hubble and Bubble or Hodge and Podge or Roly and Poly Are mainly for fat twins. Chitter and Chatter or Jingle and Jangle or Pitter and Patter, of course, are for noisy twins. Further than that, there’s Harum and Scarum, or Hocus and Pocus, or Heebie and Jeebie, but these are peculiar, and have to be used, like Mixty and maxty, for very odd pairs….. You see what begins When you have to name twins


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