Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Imogene's Antlers

A Narration by Erin Imogene’s Antlers By David Small One Thursday Imogene woke up and had grown antlers in the night. It was hard for her to get dressed. It was hard for her to get through the door. She even got hooked up on the chandelier when she was going downstairs. Her mother fainted when she saw Imogene. They called the doctor and he came and could not find anything wrong. Her principal came and looked very angry. Her brother Norman looked in the encyclopedia to find out what happened. He thought she turned into an elk. Imogene’s mother fainted again. The maid hung towels on her antlers to dry. The cook gave her a donut and then hung some on her antlers and then Imogene went outside to feed the birds in the garden. All of the birds came to eat donuts. Imogene went upstairs to her mother’s room and her mother said that she had to wear a hat. Norman called a milliner. The milliner came and made a big hat with bows, and flowers and wings. Imogene’s mother fainted again. After dinner Imogene practiced her piano lesson with candles on her antlers. Then she went to bed. She went to sleep with her dolls. On Friday when she woke up and came downstairs everyone was happy because she was back to normal, until she came all the way into the room. She had grown a peacock’s tail.


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