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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You're gonna love this one...

I honestly couldn't believe this article. I came across a reference to this at LifeSite and I had to check it out. It's true, there is a website called Teaching Tolerance which is a web division of the Southern Poverty Law Center. On this website is an article by Rebecca S. Bigler, Ph.D., is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. She seems quite accomplished. She also seems nuts. I am not even go into the drippingly sweet idiocy of calling a website Teaching Tolerance. Suffice to say I could go make a meal of it. The premise of the article is that all over the nation, every morning teachers address their students by saying "good morning boys and girls" and this is incredibly damaging. Evidently it promotes stereotyping to acknowledge that there are, in fact, boys and girls in the room. Dr. Bigler goes on (and on and on...) about how the use of gender to label students has a negative effect on their ability to shape the proper gender attitudes. The entire fate of future gender equality is in grave jeopardy because of a few teachers who are polite enough to say good morning in a pleasant manner. This is wrong and the politically correct police who insist on trying to equate what can not be quantified are doing so much harm in this country it will take generations to recover. Here is a news flash for the good Dr. Bigler. MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT AND IT IS OK TO TREAT THEM DIFFERENTLY. IT IS OK TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT GIRLS AND BOYS ARE NOT THE SAME. Now before everyone freaks out I am not talking about issues of life and liberty. No one person is any more valuable than any other person. Hear that NARAL?! Preborn to natural death. The word equal has morphed into this talisman for the politically correct crowd. Equality is fine when we are talking about equal pay for equal work or health benefits for employees. When we are talking about roles for men and women it screws up more than it helps. To recognize that Our Creator gave us different strengths, weaknesses and abilities that actually complement those of the opposite gender is just doing justice to ourselves and recognizing that God knew what He was doing. Nothing screws up a marriage like trying to be completely equal. We've all seen these couples who have all of these elaborate rules designed to make sure that neither one of them does more chores or has more responsibilities than the other. It is like a big balance sheet hanging over the marriage and it becomes a dark and evil force. "If I cook dinner, then he HAS to clean the kitchen." "I put gas in the car last week so now you have to go put gas in the car this week." "I mow the lawn so she MUST rake the leaves." All of these statements uttered in prayer to the god of equality and all them incredibly damaging to a relationship. It denies that love and commitment require sacrifice. It makes light of those sacrifices and diminishes the value of God's grace in marriage. Dr. Bigler also fails to address what the effect of gender neutrality has on a child's sense of self. If little boys can not be encouraged to think of themselves as little boys what kind of men will they be? Girls too need to be treated as little girls to help them become the women they were created to be. This equality agenda seeks to reduce us to a sameness that robs us of our uniqueness of being. It is a great deal more grievous than this "inequality" language this academician is so concerned about. Little girls, for the most part gravitate towrd the twirly dresses and baby dolls. Little boys to swords, plastic army men and anything that makes a lot of noise and lights up. It is as it should be. To Dr. Bigler I would say relax and start worrying about some of the real injustices in the world. If you are unsure of what they are email me - I'll provide you a list


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