Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Monday, November 21, 2005

A great answer to an oft asked question.

I too have been asked why I don't put the kids in school, especially given Ryan's increasingly difficult medical problems. Melissa Peterson is the wonderful author of the Little House on the Prairie Series depicting the Martha years. She writes the books about Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother and her childhood. I have only read two of them so far but they are wonderful. Lissa is also an experienced homeschool mom whose youngest child has a serious hearing impairment. Because she is now expecting her fifth baby Lissa has been asked the same question and wrote eloquently on her blog about homeschooling life and why it is more suitable for a family with a challenged learner. Check out her wisdom here. You'll have to scroll down a bit to the post entitled "In Case You Were Wondering" on November 17th as I am having trouble linking directly to the post.


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