Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Sunday, October 23, 2005


This weekend we had our second annual Oktoberfest. Usually we have the whole thing outdoors. Well it rained and rained and rained. You get the picture. We decided to go ahead and have the party because so many people came from out of town. So there were tents set up in the back which no one could sit under due to rain and wind of biblical proportions. And we put the covering on the deck so I could have the food set up out there. There was no room in the house for two long tables of food. I had about 100 people and it actually all worked out fine. The kids had a blast and even ventured out on to the zip-line in the rain. They had to abandon the whole thing pretty quickly when it began to come down in buckets but that just added to the adventure. We had the outdoor fireplace going and for a while it was warmer outside than in the house. Some of our braver musicians ventured out there to play. That's Dave's sister Allison and our friend Dan. Ryan chose to entertain in the house. He played a few Jimmy Buffet selections and then moved on to some Christian rock type stuff. He really brought the house down. He was ably accompanied by Sarah our virtuoso violinist. Chris and Theresa toughed it out on the deck... and others stayed warm and dry. There were teenagers, and toddlers.... and lots of cute babies. All in all a great party. Soggy but great.


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