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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hospital Stay Continued.....

Well we were supposed to be out of there on Thursday. When the nuerologist came to see Ryan and I on Thursday morning she told us that they did not yet have enough information to really medicate Ryan's seizures so we had to stay longer. The poor kid was devastated. He wanted out of there in the worst way. Dad, as usual, was able to save the day. With the generous help of the dearest friend that ever lived, Dave left the kids in her capable hands and came to the hospital bearing Doritos and Gatorade. The effect on Ryan's brain was comical. The EEG monitor showed all kinds of crazy lines when he caught sight of the big blue bag. When Dave left there were some tears but he was finally able to settle down and sleep. When he had been asleep about 15 minutes a nurse came in with the idea that she was going to wake him up and take his temperature. I soon pointed out to her that this could be dangerous to her own well being. When I told her that I didn't want him disturbed until the morning she was quick to point out that it was hospital policy to do a "stat" review every two hours. I had to inform her of my personal policy of never waking a sleeping child. Particularly one that is distressed. There was a brief but intense discussion. The hospital policy was suspended in Ryan's case until 6:00 a.m. I try very hard not be a pain in these situations but this was an argument that I did not intend to lose. Wake up my poor little guy? I don't think so! Anyway, he did end up having several seizures between Thursday evening and Friday morning. Three of them I caught and two I missed. So his meds have been nearly tripled and he is very happy to be home. When the nurse brought me the discharge papers she asked Ryan if he would like to ride out in a wheelchair. "No thanks," he says, "I'll just run". And we did.


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