Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Monday, October 31, 2005

Summertime in the Big Woods

Summertime in the Big Woods There were two girls named Laura and Mary they were sisters. They had a baby sister named Carrie. They lived in a little house made of logs in the Big Woods. The Big Woods were in Wisconsin. They had a good old bulldog named Jack. It was summertime in the Big Woods and the whole family was busy. Pa worked in the fields, Laura and Mary gathered eggs and helped Ma. Their friends came to visit. Laura and Mary went to visit Mrs. Peterson. They liked to do this because she makes nice cookies to eat on the way home. They saved some of the cookie for Carrie. They were good at sharing. Ma made some cheese in the summer. Mary and Laura likes cheese because it squeaked in their teeth. One day Pa came home with a surprise, honeycomb. For dinner they all had a lot of honey.Pa told them that the tree was hollow but filled with honey. Laura felt bad for the bees but told there was plenty of honey left for them. So she felt better. After dinner Laura and Mary helped Ma wash the dishes. Then they went to bed. The End. A Narration by Erin Barrett


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