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Friday, November 25, 2005

Post Holiday Bliss

Things I LOVE about the day after Thanksgiving..... Not going out to shop. I honestly can not figure out why people subject themselves to this. I was barraged this morning with no less than twenty-five emails from different catalog companies and stores announcing their free shipping offers and sale prices. Why go out? It's cold, it's crowded, there is traffic, there is no where to park and all of this conspires to turn reasonable people into lunatics. So I spend some time looking at all of the emails and if there is anything interesting I will order from the comfort of my dining room table. Sitting with a steaming cup of coffee and wearing my fuzzy slippers. Turkey sandwiches for lunch. Lightly toasted wheat bread with slice or two of turkey, press on some stuffing and a dollop of cranberry sauce. Yummy. Clearing out the fall decor. I love to decorate for the seasons with things from nature but by this weekend the pumpkins, gourds and wheat is all looking pretty sad. To the compost heap it goes. The ceramic pumpkin and some dried flower arrangements get wrapped up and stored. Advent is coming!! So the advent wreath is out now and I am going out later to a local religious store to buy new candles. I pulled out our Holy Family statues and new Nativity Set I just bought from Julie's Stuff. Friday night rosary. Wherever we go on Thanksgiving we all come together on Friday to share our love of our faith and to pray with and for each other. Another thing for which I am truly grateful.


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