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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Monday was the Feast of the Assumption

O Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of men, we believe with all the fervor of our faith in your trimphal Assumption into Heaven, body and soul, where you are acclaimed as Queen of all the choirs of Angels, and the countless multitude of saints. We unite with them in thanking and praising God who has exalted you above all the heavenly hosts. We began school on Monday, the Feast of the Assumption. I like begining on a Marion Feast Day. It gives me a chance to reflect on perfection in motherhood. Not that there is any chance of me achieving that but it is a nice goal to shoot for. We began with 8:00 a.m Mass and a quick trip through McD's drive-thru for hash browns. In my diocese this was not a holy day of obligation because it is on a Monday. My personal opinion is that this reduces the religous significance of this down to Columbus day. But that's just me. Anyway.... it was a beautiful Mass and when we got home we decided to name our homeschool Our Lady of Wisdom Academy. We are easing into the school routine. The kids are having fun making up their notebooks and looking through their new textbooks. We are actually having fun with a new math program I am trying. Math-U-See is a manipulatives based program which, I think, will be easier for Ryan. He actually seems to like it and Erin and Katie are zooming through the first few lessons which is nice. So we are doing some short lessons, lots of reading and writing and next week we will begin in earnest. This morning I had them spend ten minutes outside just looking a the yard. Then they had to use a few sentences to describe something. Erin was allowed to list or draw rather than write out. They did well. Tomorrow I'll have them post their narrations.


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