Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Thursday, August 04, 2005

More Maine Memories

Katie proved to be quite the fisherman. she definitely caught the most fish and this was the largest. It wasn't large enough to keep and we couldn't return the poor thing to the lake because she took it all over showing it to everyone. It died for a good cause though, encouraging her love of sport and things outdoors. The kids overcame the yuck factor pretty quickly. It helped to have them see mom pull a night crawler worm in half and thread it on the hook. The girls were just staring in fascination at me whilst I did this. I explained that it was Papa's rule (my dad) that if youwent fishing with him you baited your own hook. So I learned. Small price to pay, touching a worm, to get to spend some time with your dad. That is if your dad is my dad. Nature boy..... So named because every time I turned around he stripped down to his diaper and took off. I spent a large portion of this vacation chasing a naked Kevin picked up his clothes as he ran strewing them behind him. We were in Jackman all of twenty minutes before the kids had donned preservers and were nagging Dave to take them out in a boat. Poor Dave. He got about 25 feet out and had to come back to hand Kelli and Kevin over to me, they were screaming their heads off. He goes back out and comes right back, this time Erin and Ryan. There was quite a wind and the boat was bumping up and down a lot. Katie loved it, she and her dad went back out for quite a long ride. Very brave girl my Kate. I will be having the girls post their thoughts about the vacation tomorrow. Ryan will get to it after he returns from camping. Dave took the camera so maybe we'll have some good camping pictures to share.


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