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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back from Vacationland

Spend a few minutes gazing at a sunset like this and you can see why Maine is called Vacationland. This picture was taken from our little porch on our first evening in Jackman. It is unspeakably beautiful. We had such a wonderful relaxing week. No phone, no cell phone, no internet and very little t.v.. The cabin had a small t.v. with a few cable channels but nothing for kids and nothing particularly interesting. We played in the lake, fished, kyaked and hiked. We did a hike to a place called Moxie Falls where the most incredible waterfall is tucked away in the woods. The picture doesn't do it justice. We met some really lovely people around the camp fire every night. The kids spent the whole week wet, dirty and delighted. They caught frogs, imitated the loons on the lake and yes, even saw moose. It was hard to miss the two that leaped in front of the car. Thank God for David's instincts because we were nearly one with the moose. We actually saw four moose in total and one deer. Moose are large. Very large. The male we saw was shoulder to roof with the van. The two that jumped in front of the van were a mother and a young male. They each ended up on opposite sides of the van facing us and snorting in a very aggressive manner. We did not spend a lot of time observing them. We came home on Friday which was a really long day but worth it because our new little godson was baptized Saturday. What a wonderful day, welcoming this new little soul to our faith and then celebrating with all of our dearest friends. I will post a picture of the handsome new addition to the Catholic faith as soon as I kick my junky old scanner into submission. Ryan at the waterfall. The first fish of the vacation was caught by Erin. Go girl!! Everyone had terrific luck in catching except mom. I couldn't catch a thing. Our cabin. If you are in need of a quiet family oriented, large family friendly, inexpensive place to get away from it all then Sally Mountain Cabins is where to go. I warn you though - it is far into the wilderness and it is not easy to leave once you get settled. The wonderous creations of God are so accessible and so majestic here that it is easy to imagine staying forever. Although a cable modem would definitely sweeten the deal.


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