Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Post from Katie

Yesterday my Papa came to visit. He stayed with us while my mom went to the doctor. He brought the Sandlot 2 Movie, it was funny. In a little while my mom came home and Papa and I went to the store we needed to buy paper plates and snacks. Also some soda. Then Nana finally arrived at our house. Soon my cousins came from Connecticut. Theresa,Mary , Erin and I played Barbie's until it was time for dinner. We had pizza, Sicilian and plain. After dinner we played more Barbies. Erin had a Barbie Dance Party in her room. We asked Erin if the party could be over, she said yes. We went downstairs to my room where we played more Barbies. After a while Nana and Papa had to go and the cousins left soon after. We are going to their house in August after we come back from our vacation in Maine.


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