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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What Does an Otter Say??

Kevin has developed a fondness for a Baby Einstein book that features one animal per page with a list of facts about that animal. He could care less about the facts, he wants to hear what each animal "says". This is not difficult for the cow and the duck but could someone tell me what noise an otter makes? A squirrel? A rabbit? In my world, and now in Kevin's, they all make the same noise. Kind of a chattery clicking. I was ok with a lion and a tiger but a turtle? Glub, glub I decided. Kind of an underwater noise since the turtle in the picture is underwater. How do you explain to an insistant three year old that giraffes do not have vocal cords and therefore do not "say" anything. You put your finger to your lips and say, "shhhhhh". Or at least that is what you do if you are me. I have watched many National Geographic shows and enjoy all of those animal shows on the Discovery channel but I now realize I am going to have to start paying better attention to the important things - what kind of chatter is happening in the animal kingdom. In the meantime if anyone knows what a gazelle sounds like, drop me a line.


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