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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Goodbye Godmother

I haven't posted yet this week due to a family situation. My godmother passed away on Mother's Day due to complications from Lupus. She had been very sick recently but had taken a turn for the better. She was getting stronger and feeling better so her death was a great blow to those who loved her. She had worked for our diocese her for over twenty years and had an important position that she held with grace and great ability. She had a devoted and loving husband with whom she raised three great kids (kids - they're my age!) and from this she was blessed with nine perfect grandchildren (how come grandchildren are always perfect but those who raise them are vastly imperfect? I am looking forward to seeing how that works out someday). She will be sorely missed here but in heaven there was rejoicing and I am sure her parents were longing to welcome her into their arms. It was a sad time. I have wonderful childhood memories of my godmother and of being at her house with my cousins - it was always fun. So that is why I haven't posted, but I have a few drafts going. If you have a moment say a quick prayer for Kathleen and her family. Thanks.


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