Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

War on the gingerbread

I spent all afternoon Sunday meticulously decorating a gingerbread Nativity I had baked. I frosted wise men and with a tweezer decorated with silver dragees and sanding sugar. The Holy Family was iced with the appropriate colors and they were all carefully staged around the gingerbread stable and stuck with Royal Icing. It was not the best cookie creation ever, but I was pleased. Yesterday Kevin noticed the whole set up and decided, for some reason, that it made a lovely war game. I don't know why a depiction of the birth of the Prince of Peace brought out the war in Kevin but it did. I found him rolling two tanks through my stable and at the end of the battle there were two headless Wise Men and a broken up baby Jesus. While commiserating on my fallen stable Dave thought it was hilarious. I like to think that in the beatific vision there was some chuckling at my military genius.


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