Tales from the Bonny Blue House

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring time at the Cottage

I think spring is officially here to stay. Despite the torrential rainfall this weekend. The rain was not altogether unwelcome - the result being that both baseball and soccer were cancelled giving us here in the Bonny Blue House that rare treat of a completely free day. Yesterday was our weekly trek to the Cottage. It was a lovely spring day. The children were delighted to partake of Alice's Easter Tea. There were about 100 children there and all listened beautifully as the Gospel of John was read and the symbolism behind each menu item explained. Then, of course, they lined up eagerly for the treats. Lots of sweets and savories. There wasn't a thing left when they were through. In her typical generous fashion Alice provided some lovely little pastries and tarts and eclairs for the moms. We sat and chatted and mourned the fact that next week is the last Cottage outing until fall. Alas, the Cottage dwellers must get ready for the newest addition due to make his or her appearance in a scant six weeks. What a lucky little lovebug that baby will be! Maybe next week I can get on the ball and bring my camera to show how much fun the children have. Maybe, but don't count on it. Pregnancy brain is an unpredictable thing.


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