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Monday, August 21, 2006

Homeschooling Book Meme

I was tagged by Bridget (one of the homeschool moms I would most like to be like) for my list of homeschool books. I love participating in these things.... 1) ONE HOMESCHOOLING BOOK YOU HAVE ENJOYED There are so many but I think Elizabeth Foss' Real Learning, Education in the Heart of the Home has to be my favorite. 2) ONE RESOURCE YOU COULDN'T BE WITHOUT My laptop and wireless internet connection, it's my window to the homeschool world. 3) ONE RESOURCE YOU WISH YOU HAD NEVER BOUGHT Learning Language Arts Through Literature. It works really well for some but we all hated it. 4) ONE RESOURCE YOU ENJOYED LAST YEAR Math-U-See 5) ONE RESOURCE YOU WILL BE USING NEXT YEAR Catholic Mosaic - I can't wait to use it. 6) ONE RESOURCE YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY I would like to buy all of the books featured in Catholic Mosaic. 7) ONE RESOURCE YOU WISH EXISTED Self changing diapers. 8) ONE HOMESCHOOLING CATALOGUE YOU ENJOY READING Catholic Heritage Curricula 9) ONE HOMESCHOOLING WEBSITE YOU USE REGULARLY http://4real.thenetsmith.com/ www.setonhome.org 10) TAG OTHER HOMESCHOOLERS I can't really find anyone else who hasn't already been tagged. I'm always late to the party!:-)


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