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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How Are You Peeling?

Years ago when Ryan was a pre-schooler a friend of my parents who has a Special Education background recommended this book. My mom, of course, immediately ran out and purchased the book. Each one of the children have loved this book and Kevin is currently obsessed. How Are You Peeling? by Joost Elfers and Saxton Freyman is a wonderfully photographed book illustrating feelings people have in a unique and wonderful way. The author and illustrator use fruits and vegetables cleverly carved with the addition of black-eyed peas (for eyes) to express different emotions. The book was particularly valuable for an autistic child since they have such trouble reading faces. It was a wonderful way for Ryan to visualize happy, sad, amused, confused and jealous. Kevin just enjoys laughing at the carved out coconut faces. Lately compiling booklists for Ryan is much more difficult. He reads very well but has serious comprehension problems. Since he tends to learn more visually finding books that are not babyish but are still visual in nature has proven a challenege. He read the Great Illustrated Classic version of Treasure Island. It helped a bit but it was still a stretch for him. So suggestions are appreciated. Right now we are reading Ribsy, by Beverly Cleary together but even with me reading aloud he is having trouble following along. I am going to be using Catholic Mosaic a lot in the coming school year and I am hoping Cay's wonderful activities and vocabulary lists will help bring the stories alive for all the children but particularly Ryan. Any other ideas from moms of challenged learners would be deeply appreciated.


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