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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Saturday Craziness

A lot goes on in the Bonny Blue House on Saturday. Or, more accurately, a lot goes on as we are frantically running out of the house trying to get where we are all supposed to be. Saturday mornings begin with me teaching a special-ed CCD class. I return home, get Erin geared up for her indoor soccer game. Kevin and Kelli join us as we drive 20 minutes to the arena for her 12:45 game. Meanwhile Dave is taking Katie, Ryan and himself to music lessons. We all meet back here at about 2:00 to get Ryan in his Gi and out to Karate. Dave usually makes this trip. Then all that remains is Katie's basketball game which can be anytime from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. We generally collapse at about 9:15 p.m. around here. It sounds brutal and it is but I am grateful it is on Saturday and Dave can help (and he does, hugely). Since many of the activities land on Saturday we are able to spend more time at home during the week and school time is realtively peaceful and uninterrupted. We can also participate in more homeschool activities without the stress of having to be elsewhere at a certain time. So yesterday was pretty wild but more so for Dave on this occasion. His and Ryan's guitar lesson was cancelled so he was able to take Erin to her game. He was able to see her in goal (she is awesome in goal) and not give up any points for the entire time she was there (the whole first half). They won 3-1 which makes five games in a row they have won. Ryan's karate class was made up of older kids this week and he did well. Holding his own and able to fend off some of the bigger kids. He recently earned his orange belt and is working hard to get to the blue belt. Katie's basketball team won 10-9 and she played well. She didn't score but she did come close. She also got a few new pieces to learn for violin and her "Ode to Joy" sounds wonderful. Mom spent most of the day queasy and on the couch. Dad spent most of the day running around like a nut. Typical Saturday.


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